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Brendan is a boxer, actor, and community activist with a passion in helping our future generations, especially underserved, at-risk youth. He has lived in the Coachella Valley for over 10 years and has established relationships with community leaders, government officials, and various organizations within the valley. On the film industry side, Brendan is endorsed by well-known actors and directors such as Ric Roman Waugh, Josh Brolin, and Emilio Rivera, to name a few.  He has been mentoring youth since 2009. 
Tommy is a multiple award-winning filmmaker and writer. His achievements include: 

20 Silver and Gold Awards
Best Short Film & Screenplay
Best Musical Program
Best Documentary
Humanitarian Award
World Hunger Organization
World Peace Award
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Chicago native Steve Harris is an award-winning actor who first came to fame for his portrayal of Eugene Young on ABC's hit series The Practice.  Since then, the former college football player with an MFA in Theater has worked continuously in television and film, with major television roles. Always looking for unique projects, his most recent work can be seen in Gerald McMurray's The First Purge, Spike Lee's Chi-raq, and a stand-alone episode of Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone. Harris is currently shooting Fox's upcoming one hour drama Filthy Rich - for release in 2020, he stars opposite Kim Cattrell and Gerald McRaney.
Producer, Director, Actor & Screenwriter
The Maria Guardado Story” (2001) was Randy’s first feature documentary that traces the journey of a Salvadoran political activist from being kidnapped and tortured by death squads in 1980 to her immigrating to the US in 1983. It won best documentary at the 2002 New York Latino Film Festival.
“The Thick Dark Fog” premiered on PBS in June of 2012 and won Best Documentary at the 2011 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. 
Leader in Community Service Organizations

Former treasurer and sergeant at Arms Coachella Chapter Latino Peace Officers Association (Fluent in Spanish).

An overall good man and team player who cares about At-Promise kids.

Mentoring kids since 1980s.
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