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Kelly Superheroes is a social impact, film production and 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a dual mission—to tell captivating stories through motion pictures and to mentor the youth of Coachella Valley in the cinematic arts. 

Kelly Superheroes was founded by Brendan Kelly, a boxer, filmmaker and community activist with a passion in helping our future generations, especially underserved, at-risk youth. He has lived in the Coachella Valley for over 10 years and has established relationships with community leaders, government officials, and various organizations within the valley. On the film industry side, Brendan is endorsed by well-known actors and directors such as Ric Roman Waugh, Josh Brolin, and Emilio Rivera, to name a few. 

Brendan wanted to find a way to blend his two passions of film and mentoring, through which Kelly Superheroes was born. We want to tell inspiring stories through industry standard motion pictures while mentoring the Coachella Valley youth in the cinematic arts.

Kelly Superheroes was founded on the belief that the youth of Coachella Valley are full of potential, yet lack opportunity. Few programs are available for youth in the creative arts, and without direction, many turn to destructive habits. Through our mentorship program, the Coachella Valley Film Initiative (CVFI), we provide classes and internships to give the kids of Coachella Valley a chance to be involved in a positive, creative industry where they can gain confidence through self-expression and develop their artistic talents. 

 Classes will cover all aspects of filmmaking:


  • Set Design

  • Screenwriting

  • Acting

  • Directing

  • Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe

Kelly Superheroes believes that through inspirational filmmaking and giving our youth a positive outlet, the world can become a better and brighter place. Join us in the journey.



Watch the video for Brendan Kelly's introduction and inspiration for the making of the film, Jane and the House of Miracles
Jane and the House of Miracles was a project done in 2015 entirely by the youth in our program. It won several awards, including a Laurel of Excellence in 2017. In addition to creating feature films for Hollywood, we hope to inspire our team of amazingly talented youths to create their own passion projects with the skills they have learned through our program. 
JANE CASTINGthumbnail_2014 08 05 Filming
JANE CASTthumbnail_2014 08 06 Filming Ja
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